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We founded Sydney’s Secret RainBows as a way to honor our daughter and provide love and support to other NICU families during their most challenging times. We are thankful for the many people who blessed our Sydney’s stay at Riley. While her journey on Earth has ended, we want others to know there’s a rainbow of hope in every storm.

Amish & Amy Shah

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Sydney’s Story

Our daughter, Sydney, was born on Friday February 22nd 2013. She was an amazing, beautiful, feisty, take-your-breath-away, perfectly perfect baby girl.

Once our little love was born, she was diagnosed with Cornelia deLange Syndrome. It was as if Sydney looked at all of the most complicated symptoms of this syndrome and decided to check them off. From the very beginning, my husband Amish and I decided only encouraging, loving, positive thoughts were going to surround Sydney, even when she was in the womb. The staff at Riley Hospital fulfilled this wish genuinely.

We never once doubted she was born to do amazing and great things. And she did.

 Unfortunately, her life ended just a little over four months later. She never left the hospital. Riley was her home and the NICU staff truly became our family.

Sydney’s Secret RainBows

Sydney had the most amazing gorgeous head of hair. She was unable to wear clothes most days so we always had her in fun socks and matching bows. Not only are bows a symbol of our little love but also rainbows.

With rainbows in mind we started a foundation in Sydney’s name called Sydney’s Secret RainBows. The idea actually came several weeks before she passed away.

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Pay It Forward

The foundation we started was in hopes to pay it forward and to bless other families in the NICU.

We like the quote “when it rains, look for rainbows” We definitely had many rainbows during our darkest storm. We hope to provide many families rainbows as well for years to come.

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