Our Mission

Sydney’s Secret
RainBows Foundation

Sydney’s Secret RainBows Foundation (SSRB) is a nonprofit organization created in 2013 to support the families of children in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University.

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Connecting Families Through Shared Stories

Show Support

Letting NICU families know we are there for them.

Paying It Forward

Allowing families to pass on blessings to others.

A Moment Of Happiness

Providing a little joy at a difficult time.

A Gift Of Love

Families are nominated by peers and NICU staff for $500 gifts, which are distributed monthly throughout the year. The foundation receives funding from a variety of private and individual donors.

Sydney had the most gorgeous hair and it was always decorated with a bow.

The RainBow Bracelets

Strength, Remembrance, & Love

The morning of Sydney’s funeral, Sydney’s creative nurse Courtney made a bracelet and placed a hair bow on it. This was a visual way of honoring Sydney.

People loved this idea and that one bracelet with a bow grew to dozens upon dozens of bracelets, which were handed out at the funeral for all who loved Sydney to wear.

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Honor & Celebration

These bracelets are handed out at the annual celebration. It is heartwarming to see people wearing this bracelet around town.

My husband and I were so touched to be the recipients of Sydney’s Secret RainBow. We used your generous gift to purchase a beautiful changing table where we will do much of our baby’s medical care when we go home. Your precious Sydney will be part of our lives as this changing table will remind us of her. Thank you for spreading love and providing encouragement through Sydney’s RainBow, to us and many other parents.Chelsea, Rick, & Theo Buhrman

RainBow Canvases

Painted at the annual celebration.

Each family who receives a RainBow also is presented a canvas. The canvas is not only a beautiful piece of art for the family made with love, it also connects Sydney’s family, friends and donors to the families currently in the NICU.

It’s an extension of support and love given to them throughout their journey in the hospital.

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A Symbol Of Sunshine

Being in the hospital can be a lonely place at times. The world outside keeps going but the world of a NICU family can be completely turned upside down.

The canvases are a symbol from that outside world that there are people thinking of them and supporting them.

Make A Secret RainBow Come True

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